Wedding Web Design / Event-Specific Web Logistics


It’s a new era, and your event might need a tasteful touch to its online presence. Many weddings now utilize a website to gather RSVP data from visitors who receive the URL from their invites. We’re proud to provide a custom service called the ‘Web Wedding’, where couples can showcase their engagement, their love story, and post all the information for their upcoming nuptial events on a private (unlisted) webpage, and store RSVP data submitted by site visitors. (Inquire to see a sample.)

We custom code our Web Weddings using the most modern design standards: Coded in HTML5 and CSS for full cross-browser compatibility and consistency, slider features, parallax section-based page navigation, photo galleries, bios for bridesmaids and/or groomsmen, countdown clocks for the big day, venue maps and information, retailer registry listings, reaction quotes from loved ones that scroll, blogging capabilities for the happy couple to chronicle their story, and a web-based form for easy RSVP submission by your guests. All built atop a widely used and support Content Management System for quick and simple browser-based editing.

When we build your site, we give you a custom URL of your choosing, and you’ll be able to link to it, write it into your wedding invites, or even embed it into a QR code to be scanned from your save-the-date postcards. This is a very popular feature, and it’s sure to save you money on postage!

Any Questions?

Questions about pre-planning? Billing? Logistics? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Check out our FAQ about booking us.