Military Discount

Our Rise.

DJ Jolt Entertainment’s humble founding took place in the spring of 2013. Many of us on the team were friends when we founded DJJ. We came to know each other and work together through our mutual respects and responsibilities in theatre, live music, design, graphic design, and other performing arts. Through our apprenticeships and years of experience in music and sound, lighting and performance, we’d come to truly appreciate the hard work and dedication that should be in every single musical performance. For all of us, the things we do here are more of a calling than a profession. We’re passionate about what we do.

DJing through college became a hobby for Josh, a way to blow off some steam when the performing arts became a scarcity in his field of study. Starting with clubs, scholastic events, and private parties, the team started to form. We founded ourselves on the cornerstone of excellence; We’d seen and experienced one too many DJs that simply skated by doing the bare minimum, made professional lighting into a gimmick, and many just never know how to read a crowd. We truly wanted to change that. One of our mutual friends from the very beginning, Jake, made the serious suggestion that we form a business out of our passion, and just like that, our new passion became sharing this quality of production and performance with those who deserve it most; for weddings or holidays or proms or more.

Our Promise.

Jake sparked the idea, and will always be a very special friend of ours. He’s enlisted in the United States Army, and both his family as well as his friends are proud of his Military service. He’s served two tours in Iraq, and even put his name in to go back again, almost as soon as he got home. That’s true commitment to one’s flag and country. It takes a lot to commit oneself to something bigger than just themselves. And at DJ Jolt, we believe that everyone needs to stand for something.
Because of Jake, and in recognition of our humble beginning, we will honor a sizable military discount to any prospective client serving in the military, or if the client is booking for an event in honor of military personnel (i.e. If you’re hiring us for a wedding in which one or both halves of the couple is in active service, or you’re throwing yourself a party and you’re in active service). We’re proud to offer a military discount of 15%, or $100, whichever is greater.
That is our promise, and our way of showing that we deeply appreciate the commitments and sacrifices that are made by our bravest and boldest. They stand for something. And so do we. We couldn’t be prouder of our American roots.