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Professional Photography and.or Videography is a main staple of any big event, be it a wedding, anniversary, prom, or something else. We’re proud to feature Meagan Edgar photography, one of the hidden gems of CT photography, as our main photographer. She’s an extreme talent, and a pleasure to work with for any couple or crowd. And we offer our own videography services to best capture the essence of any event.

Meagan has had her work featured and critically acclaimed for years, and has worked for some of the biggest names in the CT photography scene, such as LifeTouch. She was born holding a camera. And we’re happy to offer her services for a special promotional rate with a plethora of promotional packages. From Jack & Jills, to Weddings, to Pregnancy, to Family Shoots, she’s skilled at lining up every scene.

The videography we offer features artistic cuts and angles, with music of your choice from any genre or library. We film in up to 4K definition, with steadicam operator smoothing at varying frame rates depending on angles and cuts, with multiple simultaneous camera angles, and expert editing on the same professional software used in Hollywood cinema. Videography is an increasingly important part of weddings in this day and age, and while many couples are more than content with their family and friends capturing video on their phones (and there’s nothing wrong with that), sometimes you just need that extra something to better feature and show you off.

All personalities, tastes and packages are different, so please contact us for a more accurate estimate of our rates for our photography or videography services. From our first contact to the final good night; You’ll feel like family. Your complete satisfaction is paramount to our business, and our singular goal for every client. We strive to do our part in making your big day unforgettable.

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World class photography
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  • Photo Shoots and Studio Time
  • On Site Photographer for Events
  • Expert Touch-ups & Digital Treatment
  • Operated by Meagan Edgar Photography

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Cutting edge film production
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  • Multiple Camera Angles
  • Studio Quality Treatment
  • Expert Post-Production NLE
  • Produced & Polished In House @ DJJ

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