Outdoor Theater Experience

Coming soon to a backyard near you.

We don’t just love music, we love movies too. Many entertainment companies offer projection and other cinema/multimedia services. We’re proud to take it to the next level with one of the largest screens around. But like everything else we do here at DJJ, we do it differently. We’re taking it to the next level…

When it comes to our love of the cinema, we share many of the same ideals that you do: High-Definition projection, crisp and pounding 7.1 channel Dolby Surround, and the biggest inflatable outdoor projection screen you can find. You can get it all for a steal when you book our Outdoor Theater Experience for the next time you entertain in your backyard. And you get the DJ Jolt promise with our cinema offering as well: Better quality, lower cost, best value.

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family for an outdoor BBQ movie night this summer, plugging in your gaming system and going for the biggest game of Guitar Hero yet, or airing a Hollywood hit for the entire community, this cinema solution is fully scaleable, from small gatherings to crowds up to 1,000 strong. You provide the media content, we’ll provide the rest. Rates are dependent on the type of content and the duration of play, and as always, we guarantee we can beat the competition.

Please note that the Outdoor Theater Experience is dependent on cooperative weather; Steady rain, wind in excess of 5mph, or any kind of inclement weather will make it impossible to set up or maintain the screen or equipment.

Add Time

Add more value...
  • Extend the duration of service
  • Add more value to your purchase
  • Multiple movies without breaking bank
  • Unused time is prorated

Content License

License for public exhibition
  • MPAA & Distribution Studio License
  • Allows for public exhibition
  • Allows for movie exhibition for profit
  • Cost depends on Studio & Title

Any Questions?

Questions about pre-planning? Billing? Logistics? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Check out our FAQ about booking us.