We’ll Brighten your day (or night)


For when you don’t need a DJ, but still need pro lighting.

Add color, depth, and vibrance to even the dullest of venues. We use only the best lighting equipment and systems from the leading manufacturers. What you get from us really will have you believing you stepped into a nightclub, perched within the prestigious color-cast pillars of a temple in the clouds.

Sometimes referred to as “gaffing”, lighting can take various forms and levels. Standard lighting at your venue is for visibility, but quality DJs provide more than that: We provide lighting products that tune into the emotions of your guests, and even channel those emotions one direction or another. Lighting sets the moods and tones of an event. It creates the ambiance in the room that nurtures the spirit of fun.

We specialize in custom light design. We carefully select only the finest fixtures that would serve your event best, then expertly craft a light show that you will be proud of.

We can provide a comprehensive configuration of washes and uplighting that’s sure to complement the features of your venue. We can bring moonflower effects to highlight the dance floor. We can setup intelligent lighting that moves and grooves just like your guests will when the music starts. Hypnotic custom laser effects, and a custom-built graphic EQ light effect of our own creation. All our fixtures are LED and laser-diode based, providing the longevity and versatility that’s preferred in our industry, eliminating the need for duty cycling.

Enhanced Dance Floor:

  • Includes 6 Hours of Operation
  • Custom Light Shows
  • Intelligent Lighting Featured
  • Up to 12 moving heads
  • Wireless Power & Control

Minimum Setup / Teardown Time: 2 Hours / 1 Hour

Enhanced Uplighting:

  • Includes 6 Hours of Operation
  • Up to 40 Fixtures
  • Wireless Power & Control

Minimum Setup / Teardown Time: 2 Hours / 1 Hour

Available Add-ons:

Add on to the above services for low flat rates.

(Expedited Setup/Teardown covers when the minimum setup/teardown times for each respective package cannot be accommodated by your venue.

Limited accessibility covers when there is no elevator or wheelchair ramp for loading/unloading to reception spaces that are not on the ground floor.)

Additional Hour of Service

Expedited Setup / Teardown

Limited Accessibility

Dry Ice* / Fog / Atmospherics


Get a personalized wedding monogram.

Imagine a wall detailed with ornate textured wallpaper, flanked by columns. Or perhaps a hardwood dance floor, parquet or parallel and staggered, with each piece carrying untold centuries of secrets within its fine grain. And illuminating it is your wedding monogram. But instead of a static offering, it glitters and shimmers to life before your very eyes, commanding the attention of your guests?

Our original monograms are already a steal at just $149, but with our animated ones now coming in at $199, it’s clear that we’re all about offering the best value for both.

Any Questions?

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