Holiday Events

Time to get merry…

From the most raucous Saint Paddy’s Day blowout, to the most patriotic Independence Day bash… Whether you’re planning a Winter-themed Holiday Ball for the most prestigious academy, or a simple 50-250+ happening for New Year’s Eve, we’ve got you covered, and we’ll even bring the ball-drop. (We actually can do a NYE’s Ball Drop.) We specialize in energizing the crowd, inspiring your guests to cut loose and bust some new moves, and keep the dance floor bouncing all through the night. We can synchronize ourselves to whatever you have in mind: We’ll be decked out in tuxedos for your Holiday Ball, or wear our neckties as headbands for the final party of the year.

We offer award winning DJs, video production, big screens and multimedia, professional audio production and engineering, photo booths and lighting. The goal is to help deliver an exceptional event. Fully insured, with a complete closed-loop redundancy system in place, providing a robust backup in case of everything from minor equipment malfunctions, to circuit failures. Even if you pull our cords out of the wall, our music magically keeps playing.

All our clients are set up on our own Client Collaboration Portal, which is our primary vehicle for close collaboration when we’re not meeting in person.

Think of it as a digital accordion file: It offers you a one-stop location to manage your invoicing and payments; discuss music choice, venue enhancement, and more, directly with our team via an organized, topic-threaded chat system; file sharing via our own repository, task creation and completion; and viewing our team’s progress via a progress bar that graphically presents the aggregate task completion, discussion, and more. No more scrolling through your email inbox trying to find the last time we talked.

It’s the best way to work with us and plan your next holiday celebration, and we’ve even got you covered with native apps for your smartphone or tablet, available on both the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). No matter where you are or when you think of something new to mention, we’re right there in your pocket.

Complete liability insurance, professional sound and lighting equipment with a comprehensive backup, and expert technician programming and operation come standard in our base pricing.

From our first contact to the final good night; You’ll feel like you booked the best. Your complete satisfaction is paramount to our business, and our singular goal for every client. We strive to doing our part in making your big day unforgettable.

Any Questions?

Questions about pre-planning? Billing? Logistics? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Check out our FAQ about booking us.