Event Ticketing / Security


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When it comes to event logistics, leave it to the professionals. Logistics are often outsourced these days, from wedding planners to true event services. We can assist in providing many of the most common needs for larger-scale events, such as gate security, invite-only/ticketed entries, or even minimum age verification. Security can be thin and simply keep tabs on occupancy, or thorough and conduct bag searches and metal detection at the gate.

We can also provide logistical systems for event ticketing, and we can also provide instant electronic verification of provided documents, such as scanners for combatting fake IDs. Ticketing can be serialized and administered with online sign-ups and issuing, with our comprehensive event registration system, so guests can print their tickets or add them to the wallet app on their smartphone, and we’ll scan them in. You throw the party, we’ll bounce at the door for you.

True security services can benefit a wide array of event types, from high profile weddings to corporate affairs events. Since every event is unique, these services come highly customizable. Contact us today to start planning out event admissions logistics for your next event.

Event/Gate Security:

  • One or more door bouncers
  • Photo ID Checks
  • Event Ticketing
  • Queueing/Crowd Barriers
  • Metal Detection / Bag Checks


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