Choice of Small, Medium or Woodstock


For when you don’t need a DJ, but still need pro audio.

We use only the best equipment available from the finest names, who build their reputations atop their own industry-redefining research in sound. Giving the best quality to highs, mids and lows, we bring the fullest sound projection and strive to ensure the highest signal integrity, for sound that’s crisp and clean. Our sound engineering for your event is sure to please.

Live sound mixing is the process of electrically or digitally blending together multiple sound sources at a live event. Live sound engineering is the precision setup, configuration, and operation of the equipment that amplifies your live sound mixed product (such as a DJ or live band) for large crowds to hear loudly and clearly. In large venues, we see these systems integrated into large rooms and fine-tuned according to the acoustics of that room. But Mobile DJs share common practices with road technicians for touring rock concerts: We redesign sound support, from scratch, every time we set it up: Because every time we do it, we’re doing it someplace new.

Imagine a work day at the office, where you begin your day by unpacking your entire office, furniture, appliances, and electronics from the back of a tractor-trailer. You have to unpack, sort everything, configure it the way you need it, and get to work. And at the end of a long day, you have to break down your entire office, pack it back up in the truck, and be ready to set it up all over again someplace new the next morning. That’s what we do.

It’s imperative that your sound technicians aren’t just eye candy, but also understand how to properly configure the equipment they have at their disposal according to your venue. We’ll provide state-of-the-art Front-of-House (FOH) reinforcement, utilize direct/reflective/relative paths, and diverse source equipment to keep the sound piping into your event.

Sound is the rock on which we build our church. Without our systems for live sound, you won’t hear us, you won’t hear your music, and your guests won’t be able to hear you.

Custom Sound Engineering:

  • Includes 5 Hours of Operation
  • Front of House (FOH) Speakers
  • Wireless Monitor System for performers
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wired/Wireless Instrument Hookups
  • Full Backup System on Standby

Minimum Setup / Teardown Time: 2-3 Hours / 1 Hour

and up

Is Ceremony Sound Really Essential for Weddings?


Outdoor weddings benefit in a huge way from ceremony sound systems. We consider it a necessity to ensure that your guests can hear everything perfectly during your wedding, and that neither your vows nor your officiant’s pronouncement can be drowned out by ambient noises of nature or the nearby roadway.

Josh discusses it in greater detail in this video…

Available Add-ons:

(Expedited Setup/Teardown covers when the minimum setup/teardown times for each respective package cannot be accommodated by your venue.

Limited accessibility covers when there is no elevator or wheelchair ramp for loading/unloading to reception spaces that are not on the ground floor.)

Additional Hour of Service

Expedited Setup / Teardown

Limited Accessibility