There’s Something in the Air

Atmospherics is the in-house term used in our trade to refer to any kind of haze or fog product. The product is carried by air when deployed, and supplements/enhances the ambiance (or atmosphere) in a room by working in tandem with lighting equipment.

Atmospherics can be utilized just about anywhere, from rock concerts, to live production theaters, and even at dance parties.

Whether your event is outdoors or in, we’ll endeavor to provide you with the best in Haze, Fog, Pressurized Fog (Simulated Pyrotechnics) and Dry Ice Clouds. We can expertly fashion the best in pyrotechnics (stage flamethrowers) and spark fountains (gerbs) for the biggest bangs of any event, and can rig confetti cannons and t-shirt cannons as well. The limit is your imagination.

Atmospherics / Special FX:

  • Haze, Fog, Pressurized Fog
  • Dry Ice Clouds (Excludes Cost of the Dry Ice)
  • Flamethrowers / Gerbs
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Wireless Control
  • Safety checks before/during events

Minimum Setup / Teardown Time: <2 Hours / <1 Hour

and up

Available Add-ons:

(Expedited Setup/Teardown covers when the minimum setup/teardown times for each respective package cannot be accommodated by your venue.

Limited accessibility covers when there is no elevator or wheelchair ramp for loading/unloading to reception spaces that are not on the ground floor.)

Haze / Fog

Pyrotechnics / Confetti

Dry Ice (MP / 50lb.)