Atmospherics & Special Effects

There’s something in the air…

Thick fog, airy haze, creeping dry ice clouds, confetti bursting from cannons, highly pressurized fog discharges that stream up from the floor like a pyrotechnics display… We’ve done it all and we love it all. We don’t charge you unreasonable rates by the hour for these must have effects. We bring it to you affordably, for a low flat rate. Want to take your soon-to-be-spouse slow dancing on a billowing cloud? We don’t charge you $300-400 for ten minutes of it like the other guys. But we won’t cut corners either. (It’s part of our haiku.)

Atmospherics is the in-house term used in our trade to refer to any kind of haze or fog product. The product is carried by air when deployed, and supplements/enhances the ambiance (or atmosphere) in a room by working in tandem with lighting equipment.

The use of atmospherics is what provides the visibility of beams of light. Light travels through space, however the beam itself is not visible. The illuminated “spot” or “wash” created by the light is visible on the object(s) or areas towards which the light is projected. When atmospherics are used, the additives that we vaporize (typically a mixture of distilled water and glucose) disseminate into the room and creates an opaque haze of fog which is illuminated by the projection of a light fixture. The beam then becomes visible. This is usually associated with haunted houses on Halloween or with laser light shows. Atmospherics can be utilized just about anywhere, from rock concerts, to live production theaters, and even at dance parties.

Whether your event is outdoors or in, we’ll endeavor to provide you with the best in Haze, Fog, Pressurized Fog (Simulated Pyrotechnics) and Dry Ice Clouds. We can expertly fashion the best in pyrotechnics and spark fountains (gerbs) for the biggest bangs of any event, and can rig confetti cannons and t-shirt cannons as well. The limit is your imagination.

From our first contact to the final good night; You’ll feel like family. Your complete satisfaction is paramount to our business, and our singular goal for every client. We strive to do our part in making your big day unforgettable.


Blow some smoke.
$100/Flat Rate
  • Fog / Haze
  • Pressurized Fog / Geysers
  • Dry Ice* (Materials @ market price)

Special Effects

Set fire to rain.
Call/For Quote.
  • Flamethrowers
  • Confetti Canons
  • Much much more…

Any Questions?

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