Professional Services


Add Time

Add more value...
  • Extends Performing
  • Only $75 / hour
  • Unused time is prorated


Available as an add-on...
$100/Flat Rate
  • Mist / Haze
  • Fog / Pressurized Fog
  • Dry Ice / Clouds

Photo Booth

Available as an add-on...
$499/Flat Rate
  • 21″ Touchscreen
  • Instant Prints
  • Social Sharing


ESSENTIALS PACKAGE: DJs / MCing / Custom Lighting

Our DJs are a special breed. We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of the crowd: School dances that feel like the hottest club in the city that open no earlier than nine in the afternoon; Weddings that feel like fairytales. You know how a good movie or stage production pulls you into the story; how you aren’t aware of the movie you’re watching? You should feel like a guest at your own event.

We’ll work with your music taste to tailor a custom music library that fits you. Sound system design that gives the bump you want the bass to have, and mids/highs with the clarity you’d expect from professional grade equipment (and operators). We’ll provide custom light shows on the dance floor that help get the groove going, and stay in perfect sync with every song track: Every crescendo and decrescendo fits your event like a glove. We’ll provide uplighting that paints the walls with vivid, luscious color. We’ll MC in a way that’s proper for your occasion: Never dull and boring, but never upstaging you either; Funny, but never corny; Creative, and personable. We’ll even bring the velvet rope too. Once you’ve hired us, you’ve just become an exclusive event.

Do we have what you need?

Professional audio equipment? Microphones? Lighting? Structure? Controls? Backup? Safety? Endless tunes? You bet.

We’ve got everything that’s needed to produce a truly elegant and extremely fun-filled event, with every detailed facet of your entertainment needs exquisitely appointed and prepared.

Miles of Cable

Feature Lights

Hours of Music





Add color, depth, and vibrance to even the dullest of venues, and have a rig for the dance floor that gets the crowd rushing like their blood! We use only the best lighting equipment and systems from the finest manufacturers, and customize every last configuration there is to make it our own. This isn’t your spinning color-dot ball from your dorm room. What you see from us really will have you believing you stepped into a nightclub, located within the prestigious color-cast pillars of a temple in the clouds.


We use only the best equipment available from the finest names, who build their reputations atop their own industry-redefining research in sound. Giving the best quality to highs, mids and lows, we bring the fullest sound projection and strive to ensure the highest signal integrity, for sound that’s crisp and clean. Our sound engineering for your event is sure to please.


Thick fog, airy haze, creeping dry ice clouds, confetti bursting from cannons, highly pressurized fog discharges that stream up from the floor like a pyrotechnics display… We’ve done it all and we love it all. We don’t charge you unreasonable rates by the hour for these must have effects. We bring it to you affordably, for a low flat rate. Want to take your soon-to-be-spouse slow dancing on a billowing cloud? We don’t charge you $300-400 for ten minutes of it like the other guys. But we won’t cut corners either. (It’s part of our haiku.)


Our photography is some of the finest you can find outside of the best studios, and it’s all done exclusively by our own in-house photographer. We do videography as well, with multiple simultaneous camera angles and expert editing.


We don’t just love music, we love movies too. When it comes to our love of the cinema, we share many of the same ideals that you do: High-Definition projection, crisp and pounding 5.1 channel Dolby Surround, and the biggest inflatable outdoor projection screen you can find. You can get it all for a steal when you book our Outdoor Theater Experience for the next time you entertain in your backyard. And you get the DJ Jolt promise with our cinema offering as well: Better quality, lower cost, best value.


Sometimes your event might require stringent security practices, such as secure entry to the venue, invite-only/ticketed entries, or even minimum age verification. We can provide professional and orderly gate security. We can provide logistical means and systems for event ticketing, and we can also provide instant electronic verification of the provided documents, such as scanners for combatting fake IDs. You throw the party, we’ll bounce at the door for you.


It’s a new era, and your event might need a tasteful touch to its online presence. Many weddings now utilize a website to gather RSVP data from visitors who receive the URL from their invites. We’re proud to provide a custom service called the ‘Web Wedding’, where couples can showcase their engagement, their love story, and post all the information for their upcoming nuptial events on a private (unlisted) webpage, and store RSVP data submitted by site visitors. (Inquire to see a sample.)

For larger events or events where custom registration and ticketing is essential, we also offer a similar solution with a more corporate/professional feel. Track registration stats, accept payments, and more.


We do business in the State of Connecticut, and we will render our services in the States of CT, MA, RI, as well as the Metro New York area. We’re based in Connecticut.


If you found more brought to the table by a comparable entertainment group for less, then we’ll give you the difference back. Yep. We’re that good. (Requires invoice and photographic proofs from a comparable engagement, or a written quote and sample portfolio from a competing entertainer; price matched at the sole discretion of our management.)

Military Discount

We’re proud of our veterans and active duty military. As a thank you to all our clients who have served, we’re excited to offer a generous discount.

Any Questions?

Questions about pre-planning? Billing? Logistics? No worries. We’ve got you covered. Check out our FAQ about booking us.