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Featured on WeddingWire

DJ Jolt is now a featured listing for Photo Booths on WeddingWire! In addition to the main network, we’re also proud to announce we are also a featured listing on WeddingWire’s sister networks, such as Gay Weddings.

Our wedding clients probably know all about WeddingWire. WeddingWire is a wedding network for facilitating and reducing anxiety in the process of wedding planning between couples, and it’s the only wedding network for those couples who simply don’t have enough patience for The Knot… It features everything an engaged couple needs to shop for and build the wedding of their dreams, through thousands of listings of professionals in every aspect of wedding planning, from catering, to entertainment, to floral, to photography and venues and more!

Be sure to check out our listing by searching for Photo Booths in any CT zip, and we’re be on the first page of results towards the top.


Home of $1 Ceremony Sound

Ever wonder why sound systems, including music and microphones for wedding ceremonies cost so much with other DJ’s? We’ve been wondering too!

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, ceremony sound is important. The sounds of wind and nature or nearby roadways when outdoors, or HVAC systems and recirculating whispers of guests indoors can dampen the voices that are meant to be heard. The bride, the groom, and the officiant, and sometimes the parents and the wedding party. Venue managers and even some wedding planners don’t always believe that ceremony sound is necessary, but as audio professionals, we couldn’t disagree more.

Our competition seems to be capitalizing on this. We’ve seen them charge $500-700 on average, and even up to $1200 for a simple sound system with a few wireless mics. The only reason why that we can surmise is that its simply because they can.

What a horrible way to make a profit. When we’re working your wedding, we’d have the equipment on hand whether you chose to use it or not. What’s the $1200 difference? Why would we charge you hundreds of dollars to just set it up and plug it in?

We’ve pledged never to price gouge you, and now we’re going to go the extra mile…

Ceremony sound is always $1. Two speakers, up to three wireless mics, one technician to operate, and music of your choosing. $1. Forever.

We’re not going to capitalize on the ceremonial rite of marriage; we believe it’s in bad taste. So from here on out, any of our clients that purchase our DJ services (yes, even the Essentials Package) for their wedding reception, and will be holding their ceremony on the same premises as their reception, can take advantage of this offer from us. Your smiles lead to our smiles, and your happy memories are ours too.

Strike a Pose & Say Cheese…

Lots of DJ companies offer photo booth services these days. And most of those services are complete garbage.

We’ve noticed that those are the same DJ companies that think they’re diversifying by investing in something they knew nothing about (like lighting and light design) and think they can offer a cheap photo booth for big money to get a quick return on their investment.

Photo booths are actually really easy to come by. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and with different software. (Since the software is where the user experience primarily takes place, and since that software can cost hundreds of dollars, they’ll cut corners elsewhere.) The fact is, shopping-mall-style photo booths nestled inside plywood walls with a drawn curtain seem to be a reasonable standard to these DJs. It’s almost like they don’t even realize how dated and cheap-looking that experience is.

And there are plenty of other ways to cut corners, too. The enclosure for their photo booth is likely a plywood box with a hole drilled out for the camera with the words “Look Here” scribbled next to it. Or maybe it’s an iPad kiosk because they’re using a tablet instead of professional equipment. Maybe they have any of these premium (emphasis on those quotation marks) photo booths that they purchased from the internet for $1000-$3000…


The criminal part of this is, they lose no sleep at night charging their clients $1000+ per gig for lackluster digs, because they want to pay themselves back for their investment in one to two gigs… That’s something we can’t abide.

So we’re doing what we’ve done from the start: We’re gonna be a thorn in their sides in the biggest way possible. Many of our current clients know this since they’ve asked us in our meetings whether we offer a photo booth. And while our answer was always along the lines of “soon”, we weren’t shy about sharing our opinion of what a modern luxe photo booth should look like. And this is it…






DJJ is now in the photo booth business. And we’re proud to be bringing our flavor to it: Best quality, lowest rates. Because screw the other guys.

We’ll roll out 25 ft of red carpet for you, lined with a perimeter of velvet rope and golden stanchions, to give your guests a true celebrity feeling. And we’re the paparazzi. Your guests will walk the red carpet and be received by our staff, who will treat them like royalty. They’ll enter a custom quilted inflatable enclosure (quilted inflatable back wall or classic green screen or flat backdrops available as well), replete with uplighting and some chic modern furniture within, and find the crown jewel of our offering, a custom designed high-gloss acrylic housing the best DSLR camera, the fastest instant-prints color printer, and sporting internet connectivity for social media sharing… All controlled by a larger than life 22″ touchscreen display. The fully interactive experience will make striking poses an intuitive and exciting experience. Your guests will be talking about it for a long time.

And our pricing can’t be beat in terms of its value. You’ll get the experience of a lifetime and the best photo booth in Connecticut for just $799 for up to five hours. And each additional hour is just an incredible $75 extra. And our pricing will only change if our competitors change. If their pricing goes up by a lot, ours may go up by a little… but if their pricing goes down, ours will drop like an anvil and we’ll never give them rest.

It’s about time that photo booths were done RIGHT. And it’s about time they weren’t gouging the client’s wallet. That time has finally come.

Click here to learn more and book today.

Visit Us @ The XL Center!

We’re proud to represent the finest in wedding entertainment. The Hartford Bridal Expo offers over one hundred fine vendors and breathtaking displays that will help you to plan the wedding of your dreams. These vendors include food samplings from bakeries and caterers, vacation packages, photographers & videographers, day spas & beauticians, wedding consultants, jewelers, florists, stationers, banquet facilities & hotels, gowns & formalwear, limo services and more! Whether you’re planning a small, intimate affair or a lavish, extravagant event, you’ll find everything you need to make it special at the Hartford Bridal Expo.

The Expo is on February 19, 2017 and is located at the XL Center in downtown Hartford, CT. Show hours are from 11am-4pm.

DJ Jolt is excited to bring the best in Connecticut wedding DJ experiences to the show. Be sure to look for us at Booth # 501 (to the right of the main stage) and we’ll be happy to help you start planning out the celebration of a lifetime!

The Hartford Bridal Expo is produced by Jenks Productions, LLC. Jenks is behind the largest and most popular consumer home shows on the East Coast. Their home show series is a dynamic showcase of home products and home services that will help you with all your home building, design and improvement needs.

Featured DJ on The Knot!

DJ Jolt is a featured DJ on The Knot for this month! (And obviously a shoe-in for the Best Of Weddings 2018.)

Our wedding clients probably know all about The Knot. The Knot is a wedding network for facilitating and reducing anxiety in the process of wedding planning between couples. It features everything an engaged couple needs to shop for and build the wedding of their dreams, through thousands of listings of professionals in every aspect of wedding planning, from catering, to entertainment, to floral, to photography and venues and more!

The Knot has the distinction of being the largest and most widely used wedding planning network in the nation. (Our future homeowners and expectant parents will also love their other networks, The Nest and The Bump!) They are also the parent network of another online store-front—GigMasters—that we’ve been privileged to be a part of for over a year now. We highly recommend planning your wedding with The Knot.

Next time we post here, we’ll be live-blogging from the XL Center in Hartford, CT, so stay tuned! Big things are happening!


Spiffed-Up the Sites

We’re proud of the services we offer.

It only makes sense to improve the degree of detail to which we describe our services in our marketing. We’ve taken the initiative to completely double-down on our website product and service details. We’re also increasing the number of online platforms and storefronts we offer our services on.

On our website, you’ll notice a new ‘classic’ navigation bar that now lives in the header of each page, for simpler navigation. (We’ve retained the ‘hamburger’ menu for those who use mobile devices, for their ease of navigation.) We’ve also broken down each product and service we offer into separate pages. This helps distinguish each product or service from the overview we previously kept. Same quality services, now vastly more detailed in breadth and scope. Lastly, we’ve added individual pages for the individual event types that we’ve championed in our line of work, with deeper detail in what we do for marketing to our prospective clientele.

We didn’t just stop at spiffing up the site… We spiffed up our storefronts abroad, too. If you check us out on or GigMasters (by The Knot), you’ll notice that we’ve invested considerable time and effort into building up those storefronts. We’ll continue updating them with the latest deals and promotional materials.

We’re also proud to announce that we’re now listing our services on The Knot, a personal wedding planner. By listing on The Knot, we’re featured and visible to more than ten-thousand newly engaged couples. That’s roughly ten-thousand (in Connecticut alone!) who register every month. We’re also working to integrate our reviewing system for our clients, allowing prospective clients on The Knot Wedding Network to rest assured that they’ve made the right choice.

We’ll be busy busy busy over the next few months working on expanding our marketing with additional wedding networks. We’ll also focus on creating video marketing material (a popular request from bidders) to better showcase our services.

Happy Holidays from DJJ!

We’re now part of the ADJA!

We’re proud to announce that DJ Jolt Entertainment is now a certified member of the American DJ Association. The ADJA is a non-profit national consortium of thousands of mobile DJs and entertainers. This also makes DJ Jolt Entertainment the first Connecticut-based DJ to become a member of the consortium.

The ADJA unites professional Disc Jockeys, Karaoke Providers and Entertainment Companies into a National Non Profit Trade Association to provide a forum for Members to meet and deal with issues and matters, as an organization, of mutual importance to themselves and to the Disc Jockey Entertainment industry. Among many other goals of formation, the ADJA also assists members in developing their operations with a view towards improved standards, efficiency, education and profitability, and to uphold standards of proper business practices within their local, state and national requirements, as determined and overseen by the Association’s Board of Directors.

This step is one which means many many things, but the first and foremost advantage to us is, through this certification, striving to be a better company and maintain higher values and ethics in our trade. We want nothing more than to pass on the best of ourselves to our clients, and to continually evolve and grow in our best practices.

We look forward to updating you in the time to come about how this will mean new benefits for the team here @DJJ, as well as our fans, and especially—our clients.


C’mon, Get Appy


Everything’s better when “theres an app for that”.

Planning and logistics can be overwhelming for any event planner; Especially-so for the DIY couples that are taking on the planning duties themselves. Many of our colleagues offer something to help with this: an online portal for planning your event with them. It’s an essential set of tools that allows you to check their libraries, plan your reception, complete your payments, and more. And this is a wonderful thing…

Event planning inundates you with countless emails and zero organization. It’s usually your job to do the organizing and make sense of the mess. When a payment comes up or a deadline for this or that, its your responsibility to remember or mark the date, and scour your inbox for the information you need. But with an online planner, you just log into your DJ’s website, and everything’s at your fingertips.

We’re proud to take this to the next level. The DJ Jolt Client Portal features proprietary collaboration software that’s intuitive, responsive, and beautiful. The difference between our Client Portal and theirs is noticeable (think of the difference between Blackberry and iPhone). We have the best Client Portal in our line of work. We truly believe you’ll love and enjoy using it.

The adventure begins when you contract our services. Once you make the deposit, you’ll be able to create your account, and access everything our team sees when we collaborate on your event. In an instant, you have access to direct contact with each team member assigned to you. You also have conversation threads and available downloads for your type of event, an uploads folder for contributing to the planning, and a one-of-a-kind progress meter, showing you how much we’ve accomplished this far, and what we’re still working on. At any given moment in time, you’ll have a snapshot of your event in progress.

We’re proud to offer iOS and Android mobile apps that give you access to our Portal in the same intuitive and beautiful way you get through a browser. This makes it easier and more enjoyable than ever to share a fleeting idea you come up with for your event, with our team, on the fly.

Planning for an event isn’t just a one-off task. It’s an ever-evolving conversation, that carries on from booking right through to the day of your event. It’s never over, and never set in stone. And this offering is our way of keeping up with you! Maybe you’re driving one day and hear a song you like and want us to include it. Or perhaps you want to dive in and direct-message our lighting designer or photographer. No matter what comes up, we’re here!

Color Me Enthused

img_0815…There’s something beautiful about uplighting. It’s an essential piece to any formal occasion. It’s tightly synchronized, highly flexible, and super brilliant. Any venue can instantly get the makeover it needs to make it fully yours: just use your wedding colors or collegiate colors to paint the walls and splash the ceiling, and you’ll have created an ambiance that you ain’t soon forget.

Many venues are beautiful in their own right, and boast mighty pillars and columns, exquisite vaulted ceilings with fantastic natural acoustics, and crowned with breathtaking chandeliers. This doesn’t mean they necessarily need improvement, nor does it make uplighting a tacky embellishment. It’s a customization, a way to complement the architectural features of any venue and make that space completely your own, in every way.

We’re proud to offer premium uplighting in our packages at no extra charge. This is your event, and we believe in doing our party, to the fullest of our ability, to help you in achieving it. Our uplighting can dress any size facility, big or small. Outdoors or indoors. Single ballrooms or multiple floors. It’s fully wireless, minimizing setup time and maximizing safety from tripping hazards, and generating cost savings that we’re proud to pass on to you. And we’ll give you over 16 million colors to choose from, plus Ultraviolet.

It’s just another service we’re proud to offer, and like all our lighting, free of charge, and custom tailored, to combat the bare-minimum that some of our bottom of the barrel competitors try to get away with.

We hope you find this little insight illuminating.

Well Played…

In our calling, we meet many different people. From birthdays to sweet sixteens, weddings to anniversaries, school semis to proms, our clientele becomes more and more rich in its diversity, with every project.

One of the most important things to our clients is the freedom of choice. We take special care with each and every client to ensure that their taste in music is fully identified and accurately reflected in our live curations.

Now what happens when there’s a request from one of your guests? With most DJs, the request has to be a part of that DJ’s library. If it’s not, then chances are it won’t get played. Many DJs now have an online tool that you can use to search what they have available in advance of your event. But what good does that do with a request from the dance floor, during your event? Not a whole lot. The DJ will either decline the request, or simply play others and hope the guest either understands that there are lots of other requests, or simply just forgets all about it.

Not with DJ Jolt. We’ve carefully curated a library that is all-encompassing. Nearly 100 TB in size (that’s nearly 100,000 GB), our library is heavyweight. We have every hit song from the Top 40, each and every year, for the past half century and more. We’re proud of it. While much of it doesn’t get dusted off, it’s there and waiting should it be needed. Think of it like an insurance policy… we hopefully won’t need it, but it’s something we don’t want to be caught without.

Good thing, too. A couple of weddings we performed for over the last few weeks have had some SUPER unique requests. And we love it. It’s an opportunity to take care of every single one of your guests in a custom, tailor-made way. And we’re proud to say that we’ve never, ever missed a request. Every request received, when it fits the bride and groom’s wishes and music taste, has been played.

So what happens if you catch us off guard and actually request something we don’t have? We’ll just buy the song and queue it up on the spot. Simple as that. We’ll be happy to do so, and we’d be thrilled to integrate such a beautiful memory into our library in a very permanent way. A patch we proudly wear on our sleeve.

Call our library “infinite”. That’s honestly what we think of it as. And rest assured that we approach things like this differently—more positively—than our competitors do.

All our music will be just as our game… Well played.