Prior to booking:

What makes you different from other DJs?

We pride ourselves on our years of experience.

We’re experienced enough in our work here at DJ Jolt, yet still live in our youth.

We’re adept at tailoring our services to fit your needs. All in all, we provide services that we ourselves would be satisfied with paying for, as if we were clients. If we wouldn’t be satisfied paying for our own performance, then you won’t pay for it either. This is our Money-back Guarantee.

Can you be hired last minute?

It never hurts to check. Contact us about any event, and we’ll review the details thoroughly before making any guarantees on what we can do.

In most cases, 45-60 days in advance is preferable (comparable to the industry standard of 60-90 days) so we can have time to work out logistics on our end. Even if there is little advance notice, we welcome your inquiry, just in case we have openings for your date.

Can we make song lists / Do you take Requests?

Absolutely. We actually have an app for that.

Do you work with caterers?

Yes. On the day of the event, (if not possible/necessary prior to it) we’ll directy with your catering supervisor, so we can discuss things.

This is normal in all cases, and important for everyone’s safety if you want us using atmospheric effects in a room where there’s catering.

Do you do custom beats / mashups?

Many DJs stick to MCing and managing a live playlist, so few DJs out there have skill in custom audio…

We do all our own custom work, upon request when planned with us in advance, and it’s all done with live mixing, scratching, and effects. 

Day of the event:

(Times, Setup, System requirements, etc.)

How much time do you require for setup?

This depends on what kind of services we’re rendering to you, or what package level.

Our typical DJ setup takes on average two hours for setup and a thorough test run of the programming. (We custom program sound and light cues for each gig, including yours. Our promise is to give you a DJ that doesn’t give a cookie cutter performance. Therefore, it’s best if we conduct thorough tests and give the programming green lights. Think of this as a reasonable compromise to avoid any kind of “one size fits all” light or sound design and programming.)

For extensive uplighting or venue design, we’ll be happy to discuss any additional time we require for setup depending on your specific needs.

How much time do you require for teardown?
On average, regardless of the services you have us for, we can pack it all up in about an hour.
Do you bring a lot of gear?

Yes. We bring a lot of gear with our typical setup… We bring lights, sound, and a lot of spirit. Loading docks/designated loading zones are a preference. Freight elevators are a godsend, when there’s multiple levels. 

Do you have equipment backup?

Yes. We have a minimum of two of everything.

Specifically, we have closed redundancy for all our fixtures and systems, and in almost all cases where equipment failure can occur, there’s no downtime… That means you won’t even notice.

This is a significant upgrade form the offerings made by many other DJs. Amateur DJs have no backup system at all, and many of the pros have a limited backup system available, with no real-time redundancy. With them, if equipment fails, you’re noticing a jarring absence of music and a ‘technical difficulties’ announcement. With us, if equipment fails, the backups kick right in without so much as a skip in the track. You’ll have no worries.

Do you need a lot of power outlets?

Yes. We require a few good outlets.

For most gigs, we prefer at least three duplex receptacles, at 115-120V at 15 Amps, for a total of six outlets.

When using atmospherics, such as pressurized fog or dry ice fog, we require at least two of these receptacles to be on separate circuits from each other, in order to accommodate the stress from our effects equipment and prevent breakers from being tripped.

We provide our own extension cords, however, if your only outlets are spread around the room and the resulting distance away from our rig is farther than average, you may need to provide us with additional footage to channel the current in our direction. (We use only 14 or 12 gauge contractor grade extension cords.) If you booked a venue facility, we can coordinate directly with the management to ensure you don’t have to provide anything.

Does your team require / expect food or beverage?
We have no expectation or requirement of food or beverage, even if your event has a meal included for your crowd. Bottled water however, is an optional courtesy that we highly appreciate.
Does your whole team have to be admitted to the event?

Somewhat. We bring the best of all our talents and work experiences into one team.

We will usually have just our main talent, as well as our manger on hand, and our roadies who will be moving equipment. You should prepare to accommodate them with gratis admission/entry to the event we’re on hire for, if there’s a cover charge. 

Contracts, Billing, Payment:

How does billing work?

You’ll receive an invoice and a contract of services as soon as we iron out all the details of what you’d like from us for your event. A 50% retainer fee is due upon signing of the contract. This retainer fee holds your date for you and is applied toward the total cost listed on the invoice. Final payment of the remaining balance is to be received by our management team no later than 30 days prior to the event date, or we reserve the right to cancel.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept the major Credit and Debit Card networks: American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa. We will accept Credit and Debit Card payments in person, as long as the card used is accompanied by a matching Government-Issued Photo ID.

We are also proud to accept Apple Pay and Android Pay.

We will also accept electronic payment via online invoicing.

We honor checks from Businesses, Organizations and Institutions. We accept personal checks after Photo ID verification in-person, or when accompanied by a photo copy of the front and back of a valid Driver’s License if via mail.

Is there a contract to sign?

We have a standard contract that covers standard things.

It covers which services we are expected to provide for you (Description of Services), as well as our Cancellation Policy, Rain or Shine Policy (rain dates can be set with us when we contact you), Default, Liability and Accountability, and Severability.

The contract serves to protect both of us.

Did we miss anything?

If you have any additional questions that we didn’t answer here, contact us. We’re glad to assist in any way we can.