Whether you look up or down on the dance floor, you’re bound to be captivated by our custom light displays that we design for every single client. Our Essentials Package brings basic dance floor lighting to the table, and our Premium brings our best game by adding in all the intelligent lighting we’ve got, for a total of 12 moving heads.

But when we recently asked ourselves how we can add more dimension to our dance floor, we realized that we have to look to the dance floor itself. We’re excited to introduce our custom-built 16’x16’ LED dance floor. With alternating panels either diffusing their light or reflecting it with a Brazilian mirror effect that creates the stunning illusion of dancing over air like you’re on a rooftop club. This custom dance floor is the priciest big-tag acquisition of our company since introducing our Celebrity Photo Booth three years ago, and we’re so very excited for it.

The size and the effect of this new fixture cannot be understated. Your guests will be rushing up to the dance floor and they will not want to leave. It’s such a big deal to us that we couldn’t just add it to our Premium Package and raise the rate on that, but we needed to give it a package of its own that drives home just how sky-high the value for the price is. The Sky Package is available to our prospective clientele for booking starting today, and starts at an insanely low price point of $3499, just $1k more than the premium package. All the usual setup and teardown is still included just as any other package, but with the latest and greatest we have to offer. And like any lighting we provide, the dance floor will be programmed with custom light shows that chase the music that you choose for your event.

Bust a move.