When the iPhone 4 first debuted at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in 2011, Phil Schiller revealed that with the revolutionary new front-facing camera on the handset, they were bringing video calling into the mainstream. Tech bloggers and media pundits seemed enthusiastic enough, but others had doubts that video calling would really catch on and proliferate. That was less than a decade ago…

It’s a regular occurrence for us to see weddings where family members FaceTime the ceremony for loved ones who couldn’t be present. Keynote speeches and limited space events are so exclusive because the venue space might meet occupancy, but the planners still want to reach the widest audience possible. That’s where live video comes in.

Anyone can do their own live video now. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, Periscope and others let it happen. But nobody does it quite like we do. We can get your event from multiple angles, using up to five of our premium 1080p cameras with up to 12x optical zoom, and live mix these various feeds on the fly as your event unfolds. But that’s not all. We also tap our own wireless mics and sound pickups from our FOH system when we provide sound for your event. This ensures the best quality sound capture from the voices that need to be heard. 

We can watermark the feed according to your specification and even add lower thirds, all while broadcasting live to your Facebook or YouTube account for the world to see. And thanks to those platforms, you’ll be able to download your own digital copy of the broadcast for replay once it finishes processing on their servers. We can even provide direct-to-flash-storage capture of .H264 in case you’re not live-casting on one of those platforms. We’ve got you covered.

Depending on the size/needs of your event, the budget may change based on number of cameras and number of staff, but in most cases you can expect to get a quality high-def broadcast of your event for less than $1000. Call us today to inquire about your event and we’ll create a proposal for your consideration.