We really love New Year’s Eve… it’s the ultimate celebration. The culmination of everything you’ve been fortunate enough to experience over the past year, and if you weren’t so fortunate, the chance to start over and have a clean slate for the year ahead. It’s absolutely magical, the the celebrations and parties that we throw for them are simply the definition of exciting.

Living so close to New York, we’ve always watched the Times Square ball drop. The Times Square Alliance has done a fantastic job and continues to outdo itself every year! It’s the biggest party on earth, with over one million in attendance each and every year, complete with star-studded performances and tons of confetti. We’ve even braved the cold and attended it ourselves a few times! But the magic of the ball drop always seemed so important; it is after all the crowning moment of coronating a new year. One year, we set out to make a ball drop of our own…

We used over 150 clear plastic SOLO cups, and stapled them together to form a sphere. (There are several online guides for doing this.) We’re professionals in lighting, so we outfitted it with our smallest fixtures and programmed a beautiful custom light show for every phase of the evening and the drop itself. Once the clock hit 11:59:00 PM, our ball began its manually-operated rope tethered descent down a flagpole we set up and the rest is history. Not bad for a hobbyist’s attempt.

But this model presents problems. The cups are exceedingly brittle in the cold, and whether you use staples and they tear out from the weight of the ball, or you used glue and the adhesion fails from the cold, it’s not reliable. The other issue with the cups is that due to their namesake shape, they’re very good at catching wind. Any wind at all is more than enough to shred your ball apart while it’s at full mast. And lastly, it simply looks cheap up-close. Festive, but not awe inspiring in the slightest. So we set out to design something that observes and celebrates all the pomp and circumstance of it’s older cousin in New York.

We’re proud to begin offering a NYE Ball Drop to the state of services we provide. We’ve designed a ball blueprint that we’re able to scale up or down in size, made from the most durable inner-structure, and ornamented by frosted glass panels, for all-weather performance and crystalline beauty. We then went ahead and constructed TWO balls from this blueprint: one is a two-frequency geodesic sphere measuring three feet in diameter, and the other is a three-frequency geodesic sphere measuring six feet in diameter (identical and exact in size to the Fifth (used in 2008) Times Square ball, now currently on display in the Times Square Visitor Center). The smaller ball will be used for residential events and private parties, while the larger ball will be reserved for municipal-size events. We plan on constructing additional balls and setups when and if demand should call for them.

Our “ ‘drops ” will feature dazzling light shows emanating from within the sphere, and descend down a portable flag pole of our own design at a pre-programmed speed to remain precise to the clock and countdown. We’ve even designed the programs to be triggered by a GPS-powered astronomical clock, to provide the most accurate drop possible, or alternatively, they may be triggered by the more conventional and appealing big red button, which can both trigger the descent sequence and light shows, as well as reset the ball back to full mast to do it all over again if necessary (accidents happen, especially with big red buttons involved).

We’re excited to offer this service for private parties and residential events for just $899, including setup and teardown on your site. Municipal size events that call for the larger ball are offered for just $1999, and will include setup and teardown on your site, as well as on-site support personnel. Each residential drop event will require an additional security deposit of $500, which covers the costs of damages to the ball, in the unlikely event any should occur, and will be refunded in full immediately following your event. You can even add two four-shot confetti cannons (eight total cannons, with up to 30’ aerial projection) into the program sequence for only $100 more, as part of our special effects add-on. Our municipal clients get this thrown in for no extra cost, along with a custom engineered sound system, with wireless mics and a midnight playing of Auld Lang Syne and Sinatra’s New York New York.

And don’t forget… this stand-alone service is a great addition to any DJ or Photo Booth services that could complete your night! Drop us a line to discuss discounted rates when combining the drop with our other services.

To the best of our knowledge, we’re the first entertainment company in Connecticut to provide these “drop-events” as a service. And we’re proud to have taken the initiative and made the leap to be able to offer the same thrill our crew enjoys on New Year’s Eve as a contribution to parties everywhere!