Karaoke in Japanese, translates to “empty orchestra”, something that we’ve reflected upon every day that we spent working on our upcoming Karaoke offering. As DJs, we’ve made our reputation on playing what we call “canned music”. Just like canned food, it can be pretty good, but it just can’t compare to a home cooked meal. We’ve always held a deep deep respected high regard for live bands that do what we do, and hold an immense appreciation for live performances. And with our Karaoke offering, we’re excited to be a part of the best live performance we’ve yet to hear… Yours!

We’re proud to have previously announced that we have a Karaoke service in our product pipeline, but now we’re pleased to explain it in more detail.

Our Karaoke comes in a flavor that’s immensely high-tech and feature-rich. We start off with world class, german-engineered Behringer FOH reinforcement for our main speakers. We supplement it with up to four studio-quality handheld wireless microphones, with superb resonance sensitivity for vocalists of all classes, from the shower-amateurs, all the way to the professional artists themselves. And the crowning sight to behold is our custom-engineered 55” 4K LED display for lyrics foldback, and our proprietary next-up singers queue. But that’s just the big picture. The details are where it’s really at: We have a rich library of over three thousand of the most popular tracks to choose from. We support key control, singer and song histories for each event, and even complete customization of our lyrics foldback display, enabling you to white-label it for your corporate event, display picture slideshows behind lyrics, and display important announcements on a news ticker on the bottom third, for large scale events. And forget flipping through a paper catalog looking at available songs… Your guests can peruse our catalog right from their smartphones, and even add themselves into our queue right from their touchscreen. When their turn comes, we’ll even send a push notification straight to their pocket to let them know.

Our Karaoke service comes in two packages: The first is called Karaoke Basic, and starts at $449 for the first three hours, including everything detailed above, one KJ on duty, setup & teardown, and mileage to most in-state (CT) venues. Additional time is priced at $75/additional hour. The second package is called Karaoke Plus, starts at $599 for the first three hours, and includes everything in Basic, plus concert-style lighting. Our intelligent lighting offers up to four moving head spots, moonflowers, and basic venue uplighting. Light-shows are custom programmed by our in-house lighting designer, and designed according to each individual song in our database. The lighting gives each of your guests the opportunity to truly feel like a professional performer, rocking out on a concert stage.

These services will become available beginning in February of 2018, and we’re very excited to expand our offerings to our clients, and better serve their needs into the future.

Happy New Year to all!