Happy Holidays from everyone at DJJ!

Winter is here, and although everyone’s been slowing down for the holidays, we’re not. We’re just getting started.

One of the most exciting things about the way we do business is our flexibility. We’re working through the winter, in between corporate Christmas parties and New Year Ball drops, to refine and improve our services, in every conceivable aspect. We’ve even worked hard to bring a few new products out of our pipeline recently, one of which was our previously announced, but soon to launch “Basic Package”, for those on a budget. But we have plenty more that we’re putting every effort into rolling out in time for the 2018 season, and we’re working tirelessly to do so. We don’t take vacations. We don’t need to, because we enjoy what we do.

One thing that we’ve already completed work on and have rolled out, system-wide, is a new way to sign contracts with us. We’ve heard that it can be a very tedious task. Our old system relied on our clients having to either print out their contracts, sign where appropriate, and scan them or mail them back to us. If they chose to keep it digital, they would have to navigate the perils of Adobe Reader on PC or Preview on Mac, to add their signature to the document and upload it back to us. This has been complicated for those with limited technical ability; for those who found it difficult to see what to annotate and where to sign, and may have missed completing certain parts of their contracts; for those who didn’t have a scanner or didn’t wish to print and wait for the mail. We’ve designed a new contract system that’s easy as pie. Future clientele will receive email notifications and links that direct them to complete their signing right on our website, and very simple instructions will accompany each contract, clearly indicating where to annotate, where to sign, and keeping everyone current on deadlines for signing. Signatures can even be drawn OR typed out, and both are now acceptable. And for those who still insist on signing in-person with us, we’re still happy to accommodate that. We’re looking forward to your feedback on this new process.

We’ve been in the workshop for most of December so far, working on refining our wireless systems, extending our power supply reach, and even making drastic (and impressive) reductions to our setup and teardown time averages. But one of the things we’re most proud of is our photo booth. We introduced the Celebrity Photo Booth this past year, in response to a very high demand from our clients, and to much fanfare. We approached the concept of photo booths with a revolutionary vision to redesign and polish the experience to a high gloss, both figuratively and literally. The result was lightning-fast prints, numerous social sharing options to choose from, and a fully automated experience that’s enjoyed an astounding 100% customer satisfaction rate. Most clients are astounded by the quality and high resolution of the prints, hailing them as studio-quality. We’ve heard our clients call our CPB “…the best in CT”, and we’ve even heard neighboring photo booth professionals echo that sentiment (a huge honor, for which we continue to thank our colleagues). But one of the biggest upgrades we made to the photo booth experience was something that remained completely invisible throughout 2017: Upgradability. Our photo booth is future-proof.

Today, we’re proud to announce that our photo booth is getting a quantum leap in photo booth options. Our Celebrity Photo Booth, from this day forward, will be doing double duty as our new Celebrity Video Booth. Two great options, millions of creative possibilities for your guests, all in one great product we offer. In addition to that, we’re offering a DIY GIF feature, that allows your guests to create their own animated GIFs from their shots, and share them on their favorite social media. We’re also expanding our social sharing options, adding face morphing effects, meme creation, and slow motion video. All of these new and fantastic features will be available beginning in 2018, for no additional cost! How’s that for added value?

And we’re also excited to announce that we’ll also be expanding our CPB in the second half (2H18) of 2018, to include not just one, but up to FIVE (5) CBP touchscreen kiosks around your venue, all wirelessly networked together for one fantastic experience. The long lines are virtually over!

One more thing… A popular pastime of many shower-concert aficionados is coming to DJJ for Spring 2018: We’re proud to announce DJ Jolt Karaoke, with an infinite library of songs to choose from, high-tech queuing and requests right from your guests’ smartphones, and crazy social media sharing experiences for your time at the mic! We’ll be announcing pricing and a detailed feature list in the coming weeks.

We’ve also worked hard to introduce an expanded number of wireless mics available (quadrupled!), concurrent ceremony/reception sound capability, frequency & phase flexibility to mitigate wireless interference from venues, bigger and better dance floor light fixtures, with intense lightships custom programmed by our lighting designers, and so much more.

Keep checking back for more… It’s gonna be a happy new year!