Home of $1 Ceremony Sound

Ever wonder why sound systems, including music and microphones for wedding ceremonies cost so much with other DJ’s? We’ve been wondering too!

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, ceremony sound is important. The sounds of wind and nature or nearby roadways when outdoors, or HVAC systems and recirculating whispers of guests indoors can dampen the voices that are meant to be heard. The bride, the groom, and the officiant, and sometimes the parents and the wedding party. Venue managers and even some wedding planners don’t always believe that ceremony sound is necessary, but as audio professionals, we couldn’t disagree more.

Our competition seems to be capitalizing on this. We’ve seen them charge $500-700 on average, and even up to $1200 for a simple sound system with a few wireless mics. The only reason why that we can surmise is that its simply because they can.

What a horrible way to make a profit. When we’re working your wedding, we’d have the equipment on hand whether you chose to use it or not. What’s the $1200 difference? Why would we charge you hundreds of dollars to just set it up and plug it in?

We’ve pledged never to price gouge you, and now we’re going to go the extra mile…

Ceremony sound is always $1. Two speakers, up to three wireless mics, one technician to operate, and music of your choosing. $1. Forever.

We’re not going to capitalize on the ceremonial rite of marriage; we believe it’s in bad taste. So from here on out, any of our clients that purchase our DJ services (yes, even the Essentials Package) for their wedding reception, and will be holding their ceremony on the same premises as their reception, can take advantage of this offer from us. Your smiles lead to our smiles, and your happy memories are ours too.