Lots of DJ companies offer photo booth services these days. And most of those services are complete garbage.

We’ve noticed that those are the same DJ companies that think they’re diversifying by investing in something they knew nothing about (like lighting and light design) and think they can offer a cheap photo booth for big money to get a quick return on their investment.

Photo booths are actually really easy to come by. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and with different software. (Since the software is where the user experience primarily takes place, and since that software can cost hundreds of dollars, they’ll cut corners elsewhere.) The fact is, shopping-mall-style photo booths nestled inside plywood walls with a drawn curtain seem to be a reasonable standard to these DJs. It’s almost like they don’t even realize how dated and cheap-looking that experience is.

And there are plenty of other ways to cut corners, too. The enclosure for their photo booth is likely a plywood box with a hole drilled out for the camera with the words “Look Here” scribbled next to it. Or maybe it’s an iPad kiosk because they’re using a tablet instead of professional equipment. Maybe they have any of these premium (emphasis on those quotation marks) photo booths that they purchased from the internet for $1000-$3000…


The criminal part of this is, they lose no sleep at night charging their clients $1000+ per gig for lackluster digs, because they want to pay themselves back for their investment in one to two gigs… That’s something we can’t abide.

So we’re doing what we’ve done from the start: We’re gonna be a thorn in their sides in the biggest way possible. Many of our current clients know this since they’ve asked us in our meetings whether we offer a photo booth. And while our answer was always along the lines of “soon”, we weren’t shy about sharing our opinion of what a modern luxe photo booth should look like. And this is it…






DJJ is now in the photo booth business. And we’re proud to be bringing our flavor to it: Best quality, lowest rates. Because screw the other guys.

We’ll roll out 25 ft of red carpet for you, lined with a perimeter of velvet rope and golden stanchions, to give your guests a true celebrity feeling. And we’re the paparazzi. Your guests will walk the red carpet and be received by our staff, who will treat them like royalty. They’ll enter a custom quilted inflatable enclosure (quilted inflatable back wall or classic green screen or flat backdrops available as well), replete with uplighting and some chic modern furniture within, and find the crown jewel of our offering, a custom designed high-gloss acrylic housing the best DSLR camera, the fastest instant-prints color printer, and sporting internet connectivity for social media sharing… All controlled by a larger than life 22″ touchscreen display. The fully interactive experience will make striking poses an intuitive and exciting experience. Your guests will be talking about it for a long time.

And our pricing can’t be beat in terms of its value. You’ll get the experience of a lifetime and the best photo booth in Connecticut for just $799 for up to five hours. And each additional hour is just an incredible $75 extra. And our pricing will only change if our competitors change. If their pricing goes up by a lot, ours may go up by a little… but if their pricing goes down, ours will drop like an anvil and we’ll never give them rest.

It’s about time that photo booths were done RIGHT. And it’s about time they weren’t gouging the client’s wallet. That time has finally come.

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