We’re proud of the services we offer.

It only makes sense to improve the degree of detail to which we describe our services in our marketing. We’ve taken the initiative to completely double-down on our website product and service details. We’re also increasing the number of online platforms and storefronts we offer our services on.

On our website, you’ll notice a new ‘classic’ navigation bar that now lives in the header of each page, for simpler navigation. (We’ve retained the ‘hamburger’ menu for those who use mobile devices, for their ease of navigation.) We’ve also broken down each product and service we offer into separate pages. This helps distinguish each product or service from the overview we previously kept. Same quality services, now vastly more detailed in breadth and scope. Lastly, we’ve added individual pages for the individual event types that we’ve championed in our line of work, with deeper detail in what we do for marketing to our prospective clientele.

We didn’t just stop at spiffing up the site… We spiffed up our storefronts abroad, too. If you check us out on Thumbtack.com or GigMasters (by The Knot), you’ll notice that we’ve invested considerable time and effort into building up those storefronts. We’ll continue updating them with the latest deals and promotional materials.

We’re also proud to announce that we’re now listing our services on The Knot, a personal wedding planner. By listing on The Knot, we’re featured and visible to more than ten-thousand newly engaged couples. That’s roughly ten-thousand (in Connecticut alone!) who register every month. We’re also working to integrate our reviewing system for our clients, allowing prospective clients on The Knot Wedding Network to rest assured that they’ve made the right choice.

We’ll be busy busy busy over the next few months working on expanding our marketing with additional wedding networks. We’ll also focus on creating video marketing material (a popular request from bidders) to better showcase our services.

Happy Holidays from DJJ!