Everything’s better when “theres an app for that”.

Planning and logistics can be overwhelming for any event planner; Especially-so for the DIY couples that are taking on the planning duties themselves. Many of our colleagues offer something to help with this: an online portal for planning your event with them. It’s an essential set of tools that allows you to check their libraries, plan your reception, complete your payments, and more. And this is a wonderful thing…

Event planning inundates you with countless emails and zero organization. It’s usually your job to do the organizing and make sense of the mess. When a payment comes up or a deadline for this or that, its your responsibility to remember or mark the date, and scour your inbox for the information you need. But with an online planner, you just log into your DJ’s website, and everything’s at your fingertips.

We’re proud to take this to the next level. The DJ Jolt Client Portal features proprietary collaboration software that’s intuitive, responsive, and beautiful. The difference between our Client Portal and theirs is noticeable (think of the difference between Blackberry and iPhone). We have the best Client Portal in our line of work. We truly believe you’ll love and enjoy using it.

The adventure begins when you contract our services. Once you make the deposit, you’ll be able to create your account, and access everything our team sees when we collaborate on your event. In an instant, you have access to direct contact with each team member assigned to you. You also have conversation threads and available downloads for your type of event, an uploads folder for contributing to the planning, and a one-of-a-kind progress meter, showing you how much we’ve accomplished this far, and what we’re still working on. At any given moment in time, you’ll have a snapshot of your event in progress.

We’re proud to offer iOS and Android mobile apps that give you access to our Portal in the same intuitive and beautiful way you get through a browser. This makes it easier and more enjoyable than ever to share a fleeting idea you come up with for your event, with our team, on the fly.

Planning for an event isn’t just a one-off task. It’s an ever-evolving conversation, that carries on from booking right through to the day of your event. It’s never over, and never set in stone. And this offering is our way of keeping up with you! Maybe you’re driving one day and hear a song you like and want us to include it. Or perhaps you want to dive in and direct-message our lighting designer or photographer. No matter what comes up, we’re here!