img_0815…There’s something beautiful about uplighting. It’s an essential piece to any formal occasion. It’s tightly synchronized, highly flexible, and super brilliant. Any venue can instantly get the makeover it needs to make it fully yours: just use your wedding colors or collegiate colors to paint the walls and splash the ceiling, and you’ll have created an ambiance that you ain’t soon forget.

Many venues are beautiful in their own right, and boast mighty pillars and columns, exquisite vaulted ceilings with fantastic natural acoustics, and crowned with breathtaking chandeliers. This doesn’t mean they necessarily need improvement, nor does it make uplighting a tacky embellishment. It’s a customization, a way to complement the architectural features of any venue and make that space completely your own, in every way.

We’re proud to offer premium uplighting in our packages at no extra charge. This is your event, and we believe in doing our party, to the fullest of our ability, to help you in achieving it. Our uplighting can dress any size facility, big or small. Outdoors or indoors. Single ballrooms or multiple floors. It’s fully wireless, minimizing setup time and maximizing safety from tripping hazards, and generating cost savings that we’re proud to pass on to you. And we’ll give you over 16 million colors to choose from, plus Ultraviolet.

It’s just another service we’re proud to offer, and like all our lighting, free of charge, and custom tailored, to combat the bare-minimum that some of our bottom of the barrel competitors try to get away with.

We hope you find this little insight illuminating.