In our calling, we meet many different people. From birthdays to sweet sixteens, weddings to anniversaries, school semis to proms, our clientele becomes more and more rich in its diversity, with every project.

One of the most important things to our clients is the freedom of choice. We take special care with each and every client to ensure that their taste in music is fully identified and accurately reflected in our live curations.

Now what happens when there’s a request from one of your guests? With most DJs, the request has to be a part of that DJ’s library. If it’s not, then chances are it won’t get played. Many DJs now have an online tool that you can use to search what they have available in advance of your event. But what good does that do with a request from the dance floor, during your event? Not a whole lot. The DJ will either decline the request, or simply play others and hope the guest either understands that there are lots of other requests, or simply just forgets all about it.

Not with DJ Jolt. We’ve carefully curated a library that is all-encompassing. Nearly 100 TB in size (that’s nearly 100,000 GB), our library is heavyweight. We have every hit song from the Top 40, each and every year, for the past half century and more. We’re proud of it. While much of it doesn’t get dusted off, it’s there and waiting should it be needed. Think of it like an insurance policy… we hopefully won’t need it, but it’s something we don’t want to be caught without.

Good thing, too. A couple of weddings we performed for over the last few weeks have had some SUPER unique requests. And we love it. It’s an opportunity to take care of every single one of your guests in a custom, tailor-made way. And we’re proud to say that we’ve never, ever missed a request. Every request received, when it fits the bride and groom’s wishes and music taste, has been played.

So what happens if you catch us off guard and actually request something we don’t have? We’ll just buy the song and queue it up on the spot. Simple as that. We’ll be happy to do so, and we’d be thrilled to integrate such a beautiful memory into our library in a very permanent way. A patch we proudly wear on our sleeve.

Call our library “infinite”. That’s honestly what we think of it as. And rest assured that we approach things like this differently—more positively—than our competitors do.

All our music will be just as our game… Well played.