Adoramus da mihi de te Jolt.

I’m Josh, but you can call me DJ Jolt.

So it’s not really my thing to write on the blog; I won’t be writing all that often. But: “For everything, there is a first time.”

This is one of the rare times you can read a sermon composed from my fleeting thoughts. But I’m really excited about where we are right now in our history. Summer of 2016 is going to mark our most aggressive expansion in the market since the formation of DJ Jolt. We’ve come such a long way, and (the trekkie within is dying to say this) we’re going boldly where no one has gone before.

To the amateur DJ’s that freelance because they think it’s a simple job for easy money—Let them eat static. (I’ll stop with the Star Trek quotes now.) Since my management last posted here, we’ve been busy busy busy: We’ve been busy with the completion of our website, with a photography exposé to showcase our work, with new gear acquisitions, with new hires, with overhauling our transportation system for our equipment, and of course with playing some new gigs. In the year and a half since we wrote here, we’ve been constantly moving.

We’ve had University sponsored dances and formals. We’ve had high school semi-formals and homecomings. We’ve catered to private parties, weddings, and wedding anniversaries. We’ve played some of the best of the Isley Bros. We’ve serenaded along with Sinatra. (We have a habit of singing along sometimes.) We’ve rocked out with Steven Tyler through multiple decades. We’ve marked the high notes of life with Journey, and our evanescent celebration of the past culminated in the crowds cheering in the crossfade to the best and brightest new hits of today. Even Justin Bieber. (I know, I know.) We’ve spanned a true variety over the last several gigs for our clients, and we were restless. We truly can’t be happy until you’re happy.

Color me optimistic. This little dream, this long-shot fairytale has grown into a beautiful thing. We aimed for the stars. and we’re accelerating still. We’re hungry. Always hungry for those very moments that you envision to be the grandest celebration than any of your guests have ever known. We want to be a part of your vision. We want to make it possible.

Reach out to us, and we’ll hold on tight for what you have in store. Then we’ll ask that you do the same for what we have in store. We want to raise the bar forever. Permanently carve out a new set of higher expectations. We strive for excellence that makes your next event—the event—that forever make our competitor’s jobs harder.

DJ Jolt has been in the game for three years now, and we’re just getting started.

“Let’s see what’s out there.”